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How To Use Rebates To Get More For Less

Rebates are an excellent way to save money! It’s not uncommon for a shopper to combine a coupon with a rebate and save a significant amount on their purchase. Often you can also get loyalty points (Kroger Points, etc). In fact shoppers often get products “Free After Rebate.”

How To Get Rebates!
How To Get Rebates!

When you are planning to make a purchase you should consider rebates and other way ways to save money. The goal isn’t to get a cheaper item. What we want is to get the best quality at the best price. Sometimes we buy toys. Other times we buy things we really don’t want to. You don’t want to buy a new water heater or a new air-conditioner, but sometimes you have to. On the other hand we love to buy new TVs, new computers and other toys. And lets not forget about food!

So many things we have to spend money on. But if you manage your spending and put time into planning you can expand your buying power tremendously.

Rebates are a great way to buy more for less. Usually you have to wait for the rebate but it’s almost like money in the bank. Some rebate processors pay monthly, other pay quarterly. Limits and details vary among sites so be sure to read through the FAQs to find out the most important information.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy a printer, computer, or television; or if you are interested in new clothing, furniture, and garden supplies.

When spending your money make the best decision
based upon the rebate values and price comparisons.

First check the ibotta app on your phone to find rebates on things you need. Next, check with an online rebates site like eBates or SavingStar to see what they are offering in terms of rebates at a particular store(s) where you plan to shop. Don’t make a decision yet. You are researching. Next, you can compare prices and availabilities among several stores.  Generally, you would be making your purchase online but this isn’t always the case.

Keep in mind that stores often offer the same items online at lower prices than what you might see locally. This is especially true with electronics and “big ticket” items.

Here is my own experience in purchasing a new printer:

After shopping around I decided on a printer from that was priced at $89.00. I was able to get a 4% rebate through eBates. All I had to do to get that was to login to my account and click their link to go to Not long after the purchase was complete the rebate showed up as a credit in my account.

eBates Rebate – $3.56
Online Price Difference – $7.00

Total Savings – $10.56 (Nearly 12%)

It really doesn’t matter if you are buying “big ticket” items or everyday household items and groceries. Taking advantage of rebates when you shop is just good wisdom!

Join eBates
Join eBates

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Everyone, please feel free to post below about your own experiences using rebates to save money!