How to Strengthen Your Immune System with Natural Herbs

Natural Herbal Remedies And The Immune System

The amount of man-made products that we have been taking in for the last century have gotten many of us away from looking to remedies and preventative medicines that have been around for thousands of years.

These remedies from nature not only can help treat illnesses and imbalances, they can also help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

A strong immune system is vital for good health. Fortunately there are things we can do to strengthen our natural immune systems for dealing with contagion and disease.

Why The Immune System Is Important

These days it seems that many people are talking about coming down with one thing or another in the way of viruses and sickness. It is a strong possibility that part of this is because so many artificially produced antibiotics are made to counteract a bacteria or infection that could easily be cured by less aggressive means. The over-prescription of antibiotics has in turn caused bacteria to become even more resistant. In the meantime, our immune systems are weakening because we’re too quick to go get a prescription once we are sick rather than work towards keeping our bodies healthy in the first place.


When the immune system stops working or becomes weakened, the body is vulnerable to any and all parasites, viruses, bacteria and other illnesses. Lifestyles that are high in stress and involve unhealthy habits such as eating fast food on the run, not exercising, and anxiety about impending bills or the economy are unfortunately commonplace. All of these things can compromise our immune systems, thus making us more at risk for getting sick and longer recovery periods.

The many different “super” bacteria and viruses that have come about attack the body much more aggressively, which puts a further strain on already weakened immune system. We cannot prevent all of these factors that can make us sick, however we can be pro-active in boosting our immunities in what we eat and how we take care of ourselves before we become ill.

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there are many natural ways to get healthy and stay healthy. Simply changing a few things about our eating and exercise habits as well as learning coping techniques for handling stress can make a huge boost in our immune systems before we are rushing to a doctor to cure what ails us.

Benefits Of Using Natural Immunity Boosters

One of the biggest benefits to using natural immune boosters (such as vitamin supplements, healthy diet, and better exercise) is fewer side effects than the harsh chemicals that have been put together by the pharmaceutical companies.

People whose immune systems have been weakened because of disease or stressing the body to its limits have often had to resort to such treatments which can be detrimental in other ways to our health. There are of course diseases such as the AIDS virus that require more intensive treatment regardless of side effects, but for many, the issues can come from not taking care of daily health and rejuvenation needs each day.

Golden Seal

The other advantage to using natural means to boost our immunities is that they are much more effective. When pharmaceutical measures are needed, it is basically trying to make up for an immune system that is barely or no longer functioning.

By taking the time to watch what we eat, make sure we get enough sleep, make sure that we are taking enough vitamin supplements for our age and health needs, and keeping our bodies and hands clean, we can keep much of the bacteria and illness away from us.

It is also important to remember as with anything that balance is the key. Overloading our bodies with immune boosters will sometimes cause even more problems than otherwise. An immune system that over-reacts to foreign viruses and disease can make an allergic reaction twice what would be normally as well as causing auto-immune disorders.

As with any machine that is forced to work double time, when it is overdone, a common reaction is to shut down altogether.

The most important benefit to opting for natural ways to boost the immune system is that overall general health will be much better.

Much of what causes our immunities to be compromised are poor eating habits, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or other vitamin-stripping vices, processed and fast foods, and not enough exercise.

By simply taking a look at our daily habits and reducing the ones that are taking away from our health as well as increasing activities that will improve it, we can go a long way to getting healthy and staying healthy.

Immune Boosting Herbs And Their Benefits

Along with better sleep and exercise habits as well as a healthier diet, there are many herbal supplements that are specifically geared toward keeping us healthy. Some prefer using them in their actual form because they belief the body reaps the benefits even better, but the over the counter supplements are available for those who may not have access to some of these herbs in their natural state.

Astragalus: This particular plant is indigenous to the northern areas of China as well as Mongolia. The root of the plant has often been used by doctors in China to treat anything from a cold to more serious ailments. The polysaccharides that are contained within the root are believed to enhance immunities.

Probiotics (such as acidophilus): These are thought to work very effectively in the digestive system to counteract any potential harmful bacteria. These tiny organisms are living in many of the foods we eat such as yogurt which contains live acidophilus, a friendly bacteria which can fight the growth of more harmful varieties.

Golden Seal Root: This is derived from the hydrastis canadensis plant which is indigenous to the North American region. The alkoloids in the root are believed to boost immunities especially against colds, flus, and allergies.

Echinacea Plant: This has the more popular name of the purple coneflower and has been thought to be effective in treating upper respiratory infections. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This is one of the supplements that has been thought to actually worsen allergic reactions if too much is taken. As with anything, less is more, so use Echinacea with caution until you are sure that there will be no negative side effects.


Zinc: Zinc is found in nearly every cell our bodies have. It is essential for cell growth, and any disease that affects the production of zinc will lower the ability to resist infection. Zinc lozenges have been used effectively for colds and upper respiratory issues as well promoting the enzymes to naturally fight off infections.

Garlic: The garlic bulb has been heralded for some time now as a natural way for the body to fight off infections as well as promoting good heart health. Supplements are effective, but this is definitely one that is believed to be more beneficial in its natural form. While most people prefer it cooked, the raw garlic actually has the most health benefits. However, in any form, its health benefits have been known for centuries, even going back to the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

These are just a few of the herbs and herbal supplements that can be used to keep our immune systems healthy. The most important thing to remember is that our bodies are only as healthy as the mechanisms that fight invading infections and diseases. If we take time to keep ourselves healthy and our immunities strong, we won’t be sick as often therefore eliminating some of the stress that can cause the system to go down in the first place. It’s all about prevention before the fact–not fixing it when it might be too late.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012