Are You Feeding Your Dog Poison Food?

Your dog is more than just a pet, it’s your best friend and your loyal companion. You wouldn’t willingly feed your dog poison, but that may be exactly what you’re doing on a daily basis!

It’s a cover-up that’s both unbelievable and terrifying! Every time you feed your dog commercial dog food you’re literally poisoning your beloved pet!

Many Dog Care Experts and famous veterinarians agree that feeding your dog commercial dog foods puts them at a higher risk of premature death! It is suspected that around 87% of deaths can be attributed to the pet foods!

Your dog may seem to be very healthy, but by the time any symptoms start to appear it’s too late! Their organs are no longer able to function and they suffer agonizing deaths with no hope for a cure!

Dog food manufacturers are literally lying to you to sell their products. Many advertise to be 100% nutritionally balanced foods while at the same time they ignore many essential nutrients that your dog needs for a long healthy life.

sad-dogMeat by products are even a very misleading ingredient. These are meat products, but are often rotting, molded and diseased scraps of meat that are used to make pet food! Before meat by products are shipped from slaughter houses they are denatured. The denaturing process includes spraying the meat scraps with a disinfectant or citronella!

There are at least six deadly chemicals in commercial dog foods that have been banned from human consumption! These chemicals are known to cause diseases like cancer, leukemia, organ failure, birth defects and blindness!

You may be actually feeding your dog euthanized dogs and cats! Los Angeles ships over two hundred tons of cats and dogs that have been “put to sleep” to pet food plants each month! The immoral acts of pet food companies doesn’t stop there! Animals that are euthanized at zoos, pounds and even animals that are killed on the highways and lay there for days are used to make dog food! These euthanized animals are thrown into rendering vats with their collars and ID tags still on. Many are shipped in plastic bags that are not removed before being processed into your dogs food!

Using whole animals means that around 25% of the food is made up of fecal matter! Not to mention the addition of urine and even the animals fur!

If you’re scared, you have every right to be! But, it’s not too late to change your dogs diet and stop feeding him deadly poisons that can cause death even in young dogs.

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David Slone