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New England Crafters The Magical Gift Company

New England Crafters have been involved in every aspect of the in the home assembly crafts Business Over 20 Years! By having so much experience, we can bring you better home assembly opportunities than most. We have dedicated our life to the Craft Business. You will not find another company to partner with that has a better reputation.

If you have been searching for a legitimate opportunity to work at home assembling crafts and actually earn money then you have found the right place! New England Crafters is dedicated to helping you succeed. Your success is our success! Read this full page for all the exciting details on how you can get started in a work at home career assembling crafts.


31 Craft Projects to Choose From! 31 projects is simply unheard of in the Home Assembly Business. We are one of the few companies in the entire USA to offer so many projects. And we aren’t stopping at 31! We plan to expand to well over 50 projects within the next two years! You will be assembling for a growing company!

Free Sample in Every Kit! We include a sample of our home crafted product for you to compare your work to. We feel it is absolutely impossible to duplicate a product just by written instructions or photos alone. We want you to succeed, that’s why we give you a FREE SAMPLE! Our samples are valued at $6-$12 each! Most companies require that you pay extra for your sample.


Beautiful Product Line! Our products speak for themselves. We believe we have the most beautiful product line in the industry. Our designs are totally unique. We have spent years designing our products and we won’t settle for average. We are different and our product line represents just that!

Why Work for New England Crafters?

No Minimums!

Most companies will require that you produce at least one unit or so within 60 days to stay in their home assembly program. You could literally take a year off from our company and start assembling again with no additional fees!

$100 Holiday Bonus for Top Producers!
We take our top five producers each year and hand them a check for $100! This is our thanks for helping our business grow.

Excellent Training and Support!
Not only do we offer a phone number to reach our experienced staff, we will send you unlimited supplies until you are approved by our company! We won’t give up on you!

Registration Fee Refunded in full


Registration Fee Refunded in Full after completion of 250 pieces! We will refund all of your start up money upon approval and completion of 5 units. We like to reward those who stick with our program!

30 Day Kit Exchange!
Since we offer so many projects, we allow you to exchange your kit for another project within 30 days if you decide the first project wasn’t for you.

About New England Crafters

New England Crafters originated in 1983 when we came up with an idea to make tiny sheep ornaments out of 100% wool. We sold these hand crafted sheep at our local church fair one year and could not believe what happened. We completely sold out in just two hours! We then sat and took orders for the rest of the day! We were very excited and everyone loved our sheep! We decided to come back the following year with a larger stock.

Our local church fair led to larger craft fairs, which in turn led to vendor fairs at insurance companies. In 1992, we decided to enter the wholesale market and sell on a larger level. We hired sales reps and participated in large gift shows. At our first wholesale gift show we actually received an order for 300,000 sheep! The catch? The vendor wanted them in just 45 days! We knew we could not possibly fill an order of that size. We were determined to find people to help with the assembly so we would never again have to turn down an order!


Over the past few years, we have expanded our line to include many different products. We are one of the country’s largest home craft assembly firms and believe we offer the best opportunity available. You can be confident by assembling for NEC that you are assembling for the best. We offer over 25 projects and need your help to produce them. The more assemblers we can train, the more products we can sell, and the larger we can expand our business. We always say that “the proof is in our products” when people are hesitant about assembling at home. For example, once you see our products for yourself, you will have no doubt in the legitimacy of our company. We keep our product line fresh and exciting. We are always adding to it and plan to roll out an Easter, Wedding & Halloween line within 2 years. This will give you as an assembler more earning potential and no chance of ever “burning out” on one project!

So how exactly does our program work, you may wonder. Well, it’s really quite simple. Once registered for a project, you will quickly be shipped a starter kit. This starter kit will contain enough materials to produce three samples to send in for inspection. You will also receive FREE a sample to compare your work to. We believe this is crucial, since you could not possibly duplicate our work by a photograph or instructions alone. Once approved, you can start producing products at your own pace. We do not demand any type of minimums to stay with our program. You can take as much time as you need to make our products. For people looking to earn a lot of money, our weekly maximums are generous. We allow you to send us enough product to earn $200-$525 per week depending on which project you are registered with. Also, you can register for as many projects as you like. Since we offer over 25, you will never run out of projects that interest you.

We feel that anyone can assemble crafts from home. Even with no experience, one can develop crafting skills with our easy to follow instructions. We have an assembler help phone line set up to help anyone having trouble. Also, we offer unlimited refill inspection kits. If you run out of supplies before you become approved, we will ship you more at no charge! We offer a wide range of crafts. You will have your choice of glue gun projects, painting, hand sewing, machine sewing, jewelry making, fiber, clay, or all of the above! For those of you who dislike sewing, we currently offer 13 NO SEW projects! So, to get started, be sure to read this entire page and then register with as many projects as your heart desires! We are here to help you all the way and are looking forward to adding you to our team!

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This is a blog post that talks about NEC. We are not associated with the company in any way so we have no kit to send you.

This is a great company if you have the paitence to craft for them. I have been with them for 5+ years now. If you have questions about them call their customer service number, an actual friendly person will answer the phone and take the time to talk to you. I have been approved on some projects in one try and others 5 or 6. I have always been paid for my work that’s been accepted by them. The ones they have not accepted I was able to fix and resubmit. It’s a great company but it does take time and patience to get started with them.

I am interested in working for this company did call and spoke to a real person who discussed on how the program works and how the training period runs. I am a crafter so working with crafts should be ok I am going to send for a kit an see what happens if it works out then I will have a work at home job if not then I will look somewhere else hope it works out for me

Thank you for your information. I love sewing & crafts & pray this company
is honest & legitimate.

Could someone help me get the web site address or let me know how I can look at the list of crafts or order a kit. Thanks so much

Please send me a kit. I am very interested in working for a legitimate home assembling business.

We cannot send you a kit. This is an article ABOUT New England Crafters – we are not New England Crafters

i really love youir ideas so craftey let me say do you ever hire work at home crarters inspectors if so please e mail me.i am also a crafter and i really enjoy it .thank you

I see on the Facebook about this site and I think is good idea can you please send me your kit?I will really enjoy it this job

I’m interested doing crafts at home.
Please send me information about it..

We cannot send you a kit. This is an article ABOUT New England Crafters – we are not New England Crafters

I’m interested doing crafts at home.
Please send me information about it..

We cannot send you a kit. This is an article ABOUT New England Crafters – we are not New England Crafters

Is this company still in business paying work at home assembly of their crafts? Thank you for any updates! 3/24/18 Saturday 9:01 am EST

Dear Honest Information Company: I don’t know how much more honest you can get with the dumb people who have been asking for a kit for seven years now. But reading the requests has been quite entertaining… Thank you.

I am very interested in making crafts for your company, I have a question. How much is the registration fee?
Thank you

I would like to register and receive your kit. I would like to make any project without sewing. Thank you
Paul B.

I would like to receive one of your kits. Please send me more information

—–I really would like to work with you can you please send me information on what I need to do.

I am very interested in working for New England Crafters. But with the COVID – 19, how is business
going? Please send me a link so I may see all the products avaliable.

Thank you

I will like 👍 more information about this project thanks 😊 🙏

I understand that this is an article about New England crafts, but since you have written the article, do you have any idea on how to get in touch with New England crafts. When I put in the information to go to the website, your article appears. Do you have the information in getting in touch with them.

Hello, I use to work for you back in 2010 or so. I would like to get back to working from home. please let me know what I need to do to get back working for you.

Lynda Rawnsley

Please send information. I am very interested in working from home. I am a retired RN and oriented to details. Thank you

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