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Lies in Advertising are the Norm with McDonalds et al

Why are companies permitted to lie in their advertising? Sometimes I think it is funny, other times it just makes me mad but one thing for sure – I am really getting tired of all the lies being blasted out at us by marketers and ad agencies.

And what about restaurants? Have you ever gotten a sandwich or plate of food from a restaurant that looked anything at all like the picture on the menu? I have not. In fact the actual sandwich barely even resembles the ‘doctored up’ photo they display. It doesn’t matter if you go to a fast food joint like McDonalds or Burger King or a fancier place. They have these pictures advertising their food yet the food looks very little like the photos! Can anyone tell me why they are allowed to do this?

Maybe someone should create a website specifically for this. I can see it now. Here is the photo that they present to sell you on that sandwich and here is a photo of the actual sandwich! Any similarities? Very little if any at all!

Places like McDonald’s are bold faced liars and we need to stand up and tell it like it is. If I were to try the same thing with selling cars, or a house or nearly anything other than food could I get by with it? Would I be permitted to show you a picture or a model of a house or car, sell it to you, then give you something completely different? No! People would be outraged and law suits would be filed. But when it comes to restaurants all bets are off and lies seem to be acceptable.

The next time you order food at a restaurant why not ask for a manager and ask them why your food doesn’t resemble the picture on the menu. Why not ask them if they think it’s acceptable to lie so blatantly to their customers?

In the words of Neil Young “You pay for this but they give you that”.

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3 replies on “Lies in Advertising are the Norm with McDonalds et al”

This is great! Everyone should start taking pictures of their McDonalds food and showing everyone what their food really looks like.

Angry (and hungry) mobs should hit the streets and highways and pull those fake food signs down! Just kidding but not by much!

I agree! This practice should be against the law. Advertisers and companies that lie and misrepresent the products or services they are selling should be fined and even shut down in some cases.

McDonalds should be required to make an Apology Meal and give them away free to everyone until they run out of money and close their doors!

I hate McDonalds and similar businesses that do this can you tell?

A dating site is advertising on TV. They say they will find God’s match for you!

Time Warner says Watch exactly what you want the instant you want! LIE

An anti virus software ad on TV says they will guarantee you never get a virus again! Is that possible? No it is a LIE

MWAAA HAA HAA I love advertisers