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The Honest Truth About Paid Surveys – Real Or Scam?

One of the quickest and easiest ways for a person to get started making money in their spare time at home is to participate in paid surveys. Most Paid Survey companies have very low payouts so you can actually start getting checks in your mail box rather quickly.

I, personally, became involved in doing paid surveys over three years ago. A family member had recommended a paid survey site to me. At first I disregarded it, thinking that it had to be a scam.

Later, when I saw some of her check stubs, I realized there was something to it. I was so amazed that she had actually received checks I decided to join. I was very lucky because my first experience with a paid survey site was with a legitimate one.

Right away I started wondering if there were any other paid survey sites that I could get money from. Within about three months time I had joined every survey site I could find that didn’t charge a fee. That was when I discovered that almost all of them were scams. In fact there are so many paid survey scams on the Internet it can be very difficult to find the good ones.

Therefore the problem comes when you try to find out which paid survey sites are worth joining. Unfortunately, there are have been a lot of scams designed to look like legitimate paid surveys. In fact, the Internet is full of them. This means that there have been a lot of people who’s first experience with paid surveys was much less than positive. Just because there are a lot of scams doesn’t mean that there aren’t any legitimate paid survey sites, indeed there are only a few. There are a lot of so-called paid survey sites that charge as much as $39.95 for membership. Do not fall for these scams no matter what promises the site makes. What they give you for your money is a list of supposed paid survey sites. The sites included in these lists are very low quality and most of them are scams.The ironic thing about these “huge paid survey lists” is that most of the real paid survey sites actually prohibit their companies from being included in any paid list. The reason they do this is that they do not want to be associated with such scams nor do they want unscrupulous marketers making money from their information.

The most common type of paid survey scam is a program that it set up to look like a survey, but it is in fact only designed to get you to make purchases and complete offers so that the site can earn commissions. If you are asked to complete an offer or make a purchase of any kind you are not on a legitimate paid survey site.

Remember, the idea behind paid surveys is that you get compensated for your time participating in online consumer opinion polls – you should never be asked a fee to join. Legitimate survey sites do not attempt to sell you on anything, nor will they ask you for your credit card or bank account information. If any survey site asks you to buy anything or provide credit card information then hit the back button, they are not legitimate.

Paid surveys are really fantastic for many, many people. All you need is an Internet connection and access to email. You can do as many, or as few, surveys as you like. There’s never any pressure. The more spare time you have the more you will be able to earn. Doing paid surveys can also be fun.

With paid surveys you get to learn about and see new products and services, including movies and commercials, before the general public. The results obtained by the companies through surveys will affect the way they handle their product or service. This means you get to take a hand in development of the products and services you and your family use.

If you have made it this far then I highly recommend that you visit Earn Money At Home. This is a website that doesn’t make false claims or ask for payment of any kind to join real paid survey sites.

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i am a resident of india currently jobless due to my condition known as hyperhydrosis which restricts me from going in the sun or into non air conditioned rooms it wud be highly appreciated if u can mail me a list of links of legitimate paid survey sites who can make payments to india/

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I would recommend that you try out Global Test Market, they accept members from around the world. Keep in mind that paid surveys are a great way to earn some extra money but they do not pay enough for you to make a living from.

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