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Earn Money Assembling the Disciples Cross

The Disciples Cross work from home program was started by John Raymond, Pastor of the New Horizon Christian Fellowship in Slidell, Louisiana.

He began making the Disciples Cross Necklaces in the early 90’s and selling them. They were popular and there was enough steady business to keep him busy.

But then John Raymond appeared on the CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand. And after wearing one of his unique, hand-made crosses on the show, interest skyrocketed.

You simply buy the supplies, assemble a cross necklace and mail the completed necklaces back to DC. The crosses you crafted and sent in are then inspected by quality control people and you are paid $1.25 per unit plus $1.00 to help cover the materials cost and up to $5.00 per 50 units to help cover your postage expense. Currently it takes approximately 8-10 weeks for the process and for you to receive payment. Disciples Cross sets a limit of 400 crosses per week maximum on the buyback program.

The Disciples Cross
The Disciples Cross

When you become a Certified Disciple’s Cross Producer, you’ll receive a complete start up kit that contains everything you need to get started in this incredible opportunity. Disciple’s Cross necklaces are easy to make. Once you have learned the basic steps (thanks to the step-by-step training video), you will be able to create these precious crosses in about 5 minutes.

The Disciples Cross
The Disciples Cross

Watch out for programs that use shady tactics to suck the money from your pocketbook. With Disciple’s Cross, you will never have to purchase a minimum amount of supplies each month, or pay an ongoing fee to remain “active”. We don’t require you to produce a minimum amount of crosses to get paid, nor do we require you to purchase your supplies from us.

“Because of our high volume, we are able to get quantity discounts on the materials we use, so you will be able to get them from us cheaper than from your local store. However, the materials are available at hobby and craft stores, and you are free to purchase your supplies from them if you are not planning on participating in our guaranteed buy back program. If you are planning on participating in our guaranteed buy back program you must obtain your supplies from Disciples Cross. This is to insure consistency and quality in our product.”

Many DC Producers are selling the crosses on their own on websites, at craft shows, to Christian bookstores and other markets, they are also excellent for church fund raisers. The average retail price for the crosses are $8.00 to $10.00. If you wholesale them to store owners or sell them on a consignment basis you should expect $3.00 to $5.00 for each cross.

You decide how much to earn by how much time you want to spend. Please read the Disciples Cross homepage to learn more about this program. Of particular interest to most people is the information about the “Guaranteed Buy Back.” This explains the process of buying the crafted crosses back from you. Find out how this can supplement your home’s income with the “Put Money in your Pocket” information on the Disciple’s Cross homepage.