Funny Cures and Strange Folk Remedies

Folk medicine has been a part of every culture throughout our history. Many folk remedies have been found to be based upon truth. A lot of the medicines we have today were derived from plants. Unfortunately there were many more folk remedies that just didnt seem to make logical sense.

As folk medicine practices grew over the centuries many treatments were developed that were questionable at best. One may want to think twice about using some of these folk remedies as their adverse side effects could sometimes be worse than the condition they were supposed to heal.

As an example of one highly unlikely cure for lockjaw, one was supposed to make a tea with ground up insects and other bugs, cockroaches for preference, and then drink it. It is not mentioned whether the cure was contained in the drink or in the body´s need to forcefully expel the concoction.

Granny's XXX Tonic Remedy
XXX Remedy

A rather painful “cure” for stuttering was to take the shank bone of a freshly slaughtered calf and hit the stutterer in the mouth with it. One primitive culture´s answer to snakebite was to immediately rip a live chicken in half and place one side of the carcass against the wound. As the chicken meat turned green this was taken as a sign the poison was being drawn out. No one has bothered to test this for any possible real solution.

Then there is this dubious cure for warts. According to one folk remedy all one has to do is rub the wart with a piece of red meat and then bury the meat at the full moon. By new moon, two weeks later, the wart is supposed to have gone away.

As one can see, there are any number of strange and bizarre folk remedies that have been tried over the centuries. Many of them have such a sense of “quackery” and folk “superstition” that it is hardly any wonder that all folk remedies are suspect.

However, many folk remedies, and especially herbal treatments, have proven not only effective but are often the basis that modern medicinal practices have modified and improved upon. There are a wide variety of herbs that have proven effective in the treatment of mild to severe ailments, such as coughs due to a cold, rashes caused by poison ivy, or a bad case of nervous tension.

Source – Ezine Articles Written by Simone Mefford and used here with express permission.


Collecting Antique and Vintage Toys

Collecting is definitely one of the most popular hobbies and there are almost as many different types of collectibles as there are collectors! Practically anything can become a collectible item, but one of the most commonly collected objects are actually toys. People of all ages seem to love toys, especially those toys from around the time that they themselves were children.

Collecting toys, for many, is more than just a fun hobby, it is an investment. A lot of the older toys are very rare, especially in the better conditions and/or with the original packaging. Naturally, the better condition a toy is in and whether or not it still has the original packaging heavily influences its value.

Collectors spend a lot of money to get certain toys to add to their collections. In 1988 the an auction was held at the Perlman Toy Museum in Philadelphia and over $5,000,000 in toys were sold in under 24 hours!

Vintage "Fonz" metal lunch box
Vintage Lunch Box

Often toy collections are handed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes the receiver of the toy collection loves and appreciates toys as much as the one who passed them down, while other heirs will sale the toys at auction. Some of the largest toy collection in the world were amassed by two or more generations of collectors.

Although collecting vintage toys can be a great investment there are many people who aren’t concerned so much about the monetary value as they are the sentimental value. For many people collecting toys is a way to hold on to their youth and keep a bit of the fun alive in their lives. As an example a friend of mine has a huge collection of action figures, most of which he has had since he was a child. Now, even though he has long since “grown up”, he continues to add more action figures to his collection. He says he wouldn’t consider selling any of his older toys because of their sentimental value.

Action figures and Barbie Dolls are some of the most collected types of toys.

Barbie Doll was created in 1959
Barbie Doll 1959

The Barbie Doll was created in 1959 and did not have bendable legs. An original 1959 Barbie Doll fetched nearly $26,000 at auction! While most Barbie Dolls wouldn’t bring that much there are many of them that would sell for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Over the years there were a lot of Barbie clothing and accessories that were produced. Quite often this clothing and many of the accessories can actually be worth more than the Barbie Doll itself.

In 1964 executives of Hasbro decided to emulate the great success of the Barbie Doll with young boys. They introduced the GI Joe as the boys alternative to Barbie. For the first time boys began to “play” with dolls on a wide scale. It was OK though, the GI Joe was an action figure, not a doll.

In recent decades a new type of toy hit the scene and has now become quite a collectible. How many of you collect toys from restaurant kids meals such as McDonalds Happy Meal? A full set of a particular series can often bring double the price or even more than was paid for them and you got burgers, fries and a drink to boot! Once a series is discontinued it can become quite difficult to locate those missing from your collection, especially if you insist on “mint in bags”. Serious collectors will often spend $5 to $10 for that one toy they need to complete a set. Of course some of the older “happy meal” toys from the 70s and 80s are worth much more than that.

Source Ezine Articles and used here with express permission.

Online Safety

How to Avoid Hackers on Facebook

Is it possible for apps and games on Facebook to carry a virus? How do Facebook users get hacked?

There is a threatening bug that is traveling via Facebook which can cause severe damage to your computer. This monster gets around by making itself appear as though it is a personal message from a Facebook friend. If you receive a private message from a close trusted friend asking you to check out a funny video or even a video of their self are you likely to click it? After all, you know and trust this person. You wouldn’t expect them to send you anything harmful right?

So, you click on the link and nothing happens, or so it seems. You may reply to your friend and say something like “I couldn’t get the video to play” and your friend may come back with “what video?”. From what I have heard some people don’t notice anything until after they restart their computer. I have also heard of people who’s computer reacted by going to the “blue screen”, shutting off on its own, suddenly getting very slow then growing worse… Commonly the operating system does not load correctly and the user cannot access short cuts, files, settings, or programs.

Avoid a Virus on Facebook!
Avoid a Virus on Facebook!

If you receive a message from a friend asking you to click a link of any kind (or one that includes any sort of attachment) and you are not absolutely certain about the nature of that link be sure to communicate with your friend BEFORE clicking the link.

Remember! Generally people get these bugs inadvertently and mean no harm to you. In fact they are usually not  even aware that these links are going out appearing to be from them. So if you receive something like this be sure to let your friend know about it.

My own opinion is that Facebook apps and games may carry a virus/worm/trojan. There are so many of these “like” and “quiz” etc. infinitum… apps and it is not possible to determine the safety of all of them. New ones are appearing nearly every day and on some folks profile pages all you will see are miles and miles of apps and games.

Generally speaking, the purpose of an app is to promote awareness and traffic for a particular website or company, hence the link to the site when the ‘thing’ appears on a profile. Even an app that is used on a phone or other device is intended to coax us into visiting a website. Many apps are well trusted and known to be safe. I am not advocating that apps be completely ignored but I am stressing the importance of not just clicking away blindly and accepting every app request you receive.

While it is most always perfectly acceptable and safe to “Like” a page that actually resides on precaution should be taken when “Liking” something on an external website. If the website is not trusted you should consider carefully before clicking that “Like” button.

While I have been talking about this from the perspective of Facebook the principles will apply to other social networking sites. Walk carefully and wisely down that click filled path my friend.

Don’t Be Click Happy And You Just May Avoid a Virus on Facebook!

The risks and dangers associated with using apps on Facebook and similar are real.

What follows is a bit of a parody and the approach may seem a little strange but the matter is a serious one.

Click wisely and prosper!

If you are “click happy” then social networking sites such as Facebook might prove to be a dangerous place for you to hang out.

“Hey wait a minute, what’s this “click happy” stuff? Are you trying to insult me or something? Come on people clickety click those apps they’re great! Don’t be talking bad about apps around here!”

Uhh who is that in my keyboard?

“Never mind me, I just hacked in awhile back when you answered those quiz questions.”

Excuse me while I go to my account settings and turn this guy off and then close out everything and run my anti virus ad ware monster remover 3000.

 2 hours 45 minutes later…

Ok, that’s better. Luckily I was able to clean that rascal bug out of my machine. So, where was I? Oh yeah…

Have you ever noticed that it seems like new applications are appearing on your Facebook home page every single day? That is because apps can be created by anyone, even you or I. So all around the world people are creating and launching their apps on Facebook. And too many people just trust them blindly; clicking and sharing information and giving access with unknown “third parties”…

There’s no doubt that some apps can be useful. For example, many of us do things with our phones which wouldn’t be possible without an app. If an app is from a well trusted company or website then chances are it is fine. Apps are not inherently bad; it’s just that one should be much more cautious about them and try not to be click happy. Do you really need that app to tell people you like Pepsi better than Coke? Do you really need an app to post a tarot card reading to your page every day?

“Hey wait a minute, what’s this “click happy” stuff? Are you trying to insult me or something? Come on people clickety click those apps they’re great! Don’t be talking bad about apps around here!”

Uhh Not again! Who is that in my keyboard?

“Never mind me, I just hacked in awhile back when you answered those quiz questions.”

Aww man! It looks like the click happy virus! It’s back. Shutting down…

14 hours later…

Ok, I did a full reformat and reinstalled windows so that click bug should be gone now. Anyway without any further interruptions let me see if I can remember what I was talking about.

The bulk of the apps and games you see on Facebook are “third party”. That means they are not officially created or even endorsed by Facebook.

When I say that anyone with a Facebook account can create and launch an app I mean anyone. You, me, a hacker… So you have probably already guessed that hackers would be aware of this and that they would take advantage of it. Why? Well, who knows what some crazy people will do and why. Perhaps they get a kick out of it or a sense of power. Maybe it is a game to some hackers; just to see if they can do it.

Not all apps considered harmful are actually virus carriers. Many carry adware or spyware to track certain actions or even to automatically post ads to your, or your friends’, profile or send messages to your friends. Most of those friends may assume that you sent them a link and it would be Ok to click it because they trust you.

I know people who have had their computers trashed because of a virus they got from clicking a message sent to them by a “friend”. This person had quite a lot of people on his friends list too and each one of them in turn received a message with the same link that did him in. Who knows how many of those people clicked the link and suffered similar problems.

Most of the apps I have seen on Facebook are really very frivolous anyway. Why should we use an app to tell a family member that we love them or miss them? Why not just post a message on their profile or better yet if possible just get off Facebook and pick up the phone or go to their house!

Yeah, I understand that Facebook is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family. I appreciate the fact that folks can share things so quickly even though they are miles apart

It must be true folks! Right here it is in black and white! You know they wouldn't let them print this if it weren't the truth! And dig them bar glasses!
It must be true folks! Right here it is in black and white! You know they wouldn’t let them print this if it weren’t the truth! And dig them bar glasses!

So What’s This All About Anyway?

Right about now, if you have managed to read this far, you are probably wondering what is this crazy person trying to say? Well… Just try not to be too click happy on Facebook, or anywhere really. Avoid the apps anytime you can and your computer will be happier and healthier for it.

And remember this isnt just about Facebook or even social networking sites. These hackers are also trying to get at us through emails. Watch those links, click with care and try to be safe on the super information highway.

Bumper stickers and T-shirts should be issued;

“Practice Safe Clix!” or perhaps “Don’t be Click Happy!”

Here are some messages I received from someone on my friends list. If you get something like this do not click it and inform your friend that they have a virus or trojan infection.

Hey, I have an IQ Score of 117?? Lets see if you can beat me, bet you 20$ you can “link removed”

Guess what? Someone just got an iPad2 and didn’t pay a cent for it Fedex just knocked on my door today, I absolutely love it! I got it from these guys “link removed”

Written by D. Slone, Copyright 2010


Don’t Be Click Happy Avoid a Virus on Facebook

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Life and Money

Lies in Advertising are the Norm with McDonalds et al

Why are companies permitted to lie in their advertising? Sometimes I think it is funny, other times it just makes me mad but one thing for sure – I am really getting tired of all the lies being blasted out at us by marketers and ad agencies.

And what about restaurants? Have you ever gotten a sandwich or plate of food from a restaurant that looked anything at all like the picture on the menu? I have not. In fact the actual sandwich barely even resembles the ‘doctored up’ photo they display. It doesn’t matter if you go to a fast food joint like McDonalds or Burger King or a fancier place. They have these pictures advertising their food yet the food looks very little like the photos! Can anyone tell me why they are allowed to do this?

Maybe someone should create a website specifically for this. I can see it now. Here is the photo that they present to sell you on that sandwich and here is a photo of the actual sandwich! Any similarities? Very little if any at all!

Home Business Life and Money

PayPal Admits Holding Transactions as Normal Procedure

I had to spend almost an hour on the phone to straighten out a problem with PayPal and I don’t even use PayPal!

Recently a seller from an auction site where I had purchased a 0.99 item (+ 1.00 for shipping and handling) contacted me to tell me that his PayPal account had been limited because of my transaction. This made no sense to me as I did not pay with PayPal funds but had paid with a bank debit card. Furthermore the funds had cleared my bank about a week before this happened! I replied to the seller and told them that I didn’t pay with a PayPal account but had used a debit card. The seller replied back that PayPal had informed him that I must call them to get the transaction released and to free up his account.

I went to PayPal’s website to search for a phone number so I could call and see what was going on. They make it very difficult if you don’t have a PayPal account. Even after I got someone on the phone they asked me for my PayPal account email and the last 4 digits of my card associated with it several times even though I kept saying I don’t have PayPal. The rep tried talking me into getting an account. I told him that I wasn’t interested and I didn’t call for a sales spiel but just wanted to get some problems straightened out with someone I had made a purchase from.

Home Business Life and Money

PayPal Horror Stories Holds and a Lawsuit

If you do some searching there are tons of PayPal nightmare stories just like this one (This is a real story):

“I had my PayPal account closed recently. I had the account for about 12 years and had never done one thing against policy or rules. My wife responded to a company to do drop shipping and she got scammed out of hundreds of dollars. PayPal closed my account just because we had the same address! Each of us maintains our own bank accounts and have separate computers and have for years. She did no wrong and she was shut down by PayPal in addition to her being scammed. AND PayPal closed my account when there were 0 infractions in my account – just because they noted the mailing address.

The both of us have talked to PayPal on the phone numerous times. We have been told conflicting information and have been treated very rudely by most PayPal reps – although several were very polite and tried to feign being helpful. In the end there is no recourse. Today I was literally told – “You are welcome to look around for another payment processor…” The bottom line is that they do not care. I told the guy on the phone today that he was just doing his job and watching the clock for his breaks and quitting time and had no real concern for me at all.

Paid Surveys

Honest Information About Paid Surveys

What if I told you that you could make several hundred dollars per month, just for telling people your honest opinions? With the help of paid online surveys, you can!

Beware of the paid survey scams and NEVER pay money to join a survey company. If you are dealing with an real paid survey site then YOU are the one who will be getting paid not the other way around! Now for some introductory and honest information about paid survey sites and companies.

Huge, well known companies need your opinions on their services and products, and they are willing to pay good money for them. But why would they ask a normal person, without any specific expertise? Because companies sell their products to everyday people, just like you, and they want to essentially ask for your approval before releasing, or making changes, to their product or service.

For every survey you do you will receive a small reward (usually $1 to $10). Occasionally surveys will pay you much more. I personally have completed a $45 survey, which only took me about 30 minutes. There are also a number of other opportunities made available to you when you join a survey company. Sometimes there will be a specific focus group, expert survey, or taste test that if you qualify for, you will receive a very generous reward (usually upwards of $50 or more).

Home Business

Avoiding Internet Scams

I want to be rich. Don’t you? Of course you do! For all of us chasing that big money sign in the sky (yes, all of us online marketers / webmasters), we are so desperate to strike the big time that we can so easily become suckers. It’s just so easy for us to be fooled with internet scams that target us that thousands of scammers from around the world (especially developing nations) are literally becoming wealthy off of us.

Here is how the typical internet scam goes that targets us, or at least a common blueprint for it that you can find on any webmaster forum out there:

Make $250 A Day With My Blackhat Secrets!

That’s right friends. I have been making over $250 every day for 2 years now with my blackhat methods. I spend an hour a day, every day, and the money just pours in! Now for the good news- I am going to sell all of my money making secrets to you, right now, for just $5! Only the first 20 buyers of my e-book will get this system, and all of its secrets, for $5. After that the price is $10. Act now before the price doubles!

Did you notice a few things here? let’s break down some problems:

1: If he is making at least $250 with these tricks, why is he selling it to you for just $5?

2: If he is working only 1 hour a day, and he’s making this much, why isn’t he working 10 hours a day and banking $2,500 a day?

3: Why does he want me to hurry? Why is he telling me to buy now before the price doubles?

4: If he is making $4+ per minute with his secret, why the hell is he spending hours on a forum trying to sell it for pennies per minute?

We could go on forever, but you get the point. This is such a common internet scam, and you can see it dozens of times per day on any webmaster forum, that we really need to start spreading the word. If people would just start posting any of these questions on these scam sales threads, maybe these punks would shut it down due to no sales.

These scams come in all shapes and sizes, from $5 e-books to $500 ones. They come in all flavors, from copied “unique” content sales to fake pagerank domains.

There are so many scammers filling up the online world right now that are solely targeting online marketers. It’s a minefield on the net, and only those that really think about it before shelling out their hard earned money will not get cheated in the process.

What is my advice? Be very careful on the internet! Just because you make a living online, or at least a partial living, that doesn’t mean that you are too smart to be duped. It happens to almost everyone eventually. At least to everyone that is chasing an online dream.

D. Slone, Copyright 2008

Home Business

Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

Starting your own web hosting business is much easier, and probably not as expensive, as you may think. You can actually get started with Host Gator for only 24.95 per month.

Here is how it works:

As a web host reseller you will be completely in charge of the rates and features of your hosting packages. You pay a set small monthly fee and keep 100% of the money your clients pay for hosting (minus any payment processor fees of course).

First you will create your hosting packages from within your Reseller cPanel Web Hosting Manager. Here is where you will define the disc space, bandwidth, and other limitations of each hosting package.

Once you have created your hosting packages you will then go to your WHM Autopilot admin and setup the same packages along with the addition of the rates. You can even give discounts for those who want to pay for more than one month in advance. You can offer the first month free, and even create special discount coupons as you need them.

The WHM Autopilot makes your job very easy as everything can be completely automated from ordering to account creation. Your clients will be able to visit your site, place an order for hosting, make payment and start to build their website right away. Their hosting account will automatically be set up in cPanel and they will receive confirmation emails including their log in credentials.


Coin Collecting As An Investment

Coin collecting can be an enjoyable hobby as well as a great way to invest in your future. If you choose the right coins to buy and get them at a good price their value will be likely to grow over time. Savvy collectors will see as much, or more, profit with their coins as they would with more traditional investments such as bonds or IRAs.

Silver Roosevelt dimeThe intrinsic value of a coin is based upon it’s metal content. Due to the rising value of silver, coins containing silver have risen in price. However, there is more to the value of a coin than just the metal content. If you are interested in buying coins primarily for the silver value I recommend 1960 to 1964 Roosevelt dimes and Washington quarters in circulated condition. These coins are common and can be obtained at a price very near the silver value.