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Hughesnet Lies and Has Terrible Customer Service

I live out in the “boonies”. DSL or even cable are not available here so I am forced to choose between dial-up or satellite.

I have been using Hughesnet for my internet for over 2 years now and I can honestly say without any reservation that they SUCK and I hate them. I am considering moving just so I cant cancel the service!

The local phone company has been telling me “any time now” on the DSL for more than 2 years but so far they haven’t gotten out here yet.

The Hughesnet Internet service is not reliable and is constantly experiencing problems. I am paying almost $100 per month (double or more than what DSL or Cable would cost) yet the service is crap.

Hughesnet Service Sucks
Hughesnet Service Sucks

When you call them up on the phone you will get someone in another country who can barely even speak English. You have to repeat what you are trying to say over and over and they usually still cant understand. I can barely understand what they are saying either. I have went to the Hughesnet website and contacted them with my complaints several different times – but not once have they ever replied back!

Although I haven’t actually kept count I have been hung up on numerous times. When you call you have to go through all the menus and it takes awhile to get hold of a person. Then they put you on hold and “oops” you get a dial tone or silence. I know this has happened at least half a dozen times. Too many times for it to be accidental in my opinion.

I was lied to by the rep when I first signed up and once you sign up there is not much you can do if you have problems. Yes I was lied to! I asked the guy on the phone if there were any limitations on the service and he said no. He told me that I could do whatever I liked without worrying about that. The reason I asked this question was because some other companies I had considered stated that there was a bandwidth/usage limit. well, the first time we exceeded the bandwidth and the service quit working I called support and after a lot of the “run around” I was told that I had exceeded the Fair Use Policy. It was the first time I had been told anything about that. The service we had signed up for did have a limit! I explained that the sales guy had lied and I was told basically “sorry but there’s nothing we can do.” It was really a quite difficult conversation as the guy I talked with could barely speak and understand English. FRUSTRATION OH YEAH.

In all fairness and honesty I can say that ONE time when I called them up I got good results from a tech who could speak English. He discovered a problem with my modem and had a replacement sent out to me.

Nearly every other time I called it was a waste of time. I really hate Hughesnet and other companies who outsource their support to other countries.

What do you think of Hughesnet? Have you had experiences similar or different than me? Feel free to comment below.

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I dont know if you are aware of this or not but Hughesnet IS the satellite provider for all other services. That includes television outfits like Dish Network. they all lease services from Hughesnet

Yes I did know that. I think Hughesnet has like 12 satellites or something up there in orbit.

Ha! Too funny just noticed that Google is serving up a Hughesnet ad at the bottom of the article 🙂

Hughesnet is still lying and deceiving people and today is March 24, 2019. I too got trapped and I want to encourage every frustrated and angry customer to contact their state representative and file an online complaint with their state’s attorney general. Here in Texas it is Ken Paxton. Hughesnet needs to be investigated for deceptive trade practices.