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Honest Information About Paid Surveys

What if I told you that you could make several hundred dollars per month, just for telling people your honest opinions? With the help of paid online surveys, you can!

Beware of the paid survey scams and NEVER pay money to join a survey company. If you are dealing with an real paid survey site then YOU are the one who will be getting paid not the other way around! Now for some introductory and honest information about paid survey sites and companies.

Huge, well known companies need your opinions on their services and products, and they are willing to pay good money for them. But why would they ask a normal person, without any specific expertise? Because companies sell their products to everyday people, just like you, and they want to essentially ask for your approval before releasing, or making changes, to their product or service.

For every survey you do you will receive a small reward (usually $1 to $10). Occasionally surveys will pay you much more. I personally have completed a $45 survey, which only took me about 30 minutes. There are also a number of other opportunities made available to you when you join a survey company. Sometimes there will be a specific focus group, expert survey, or taste test that if you qualify for, you will receive a very generous reward (usually upwards of $50 or more).

Will paid online surveys make you rich? The simple answer: no, they will not. You should not expect to be making a full time income from online surveys, and anyone who tells you that is lying. You can however expect to make $100 – $500 or more easily each month, just in your spare time. The more survey panels that you join the more surveys you will be invited to, and the more money you will receive. If you commit yourself and consistently spend 30 to 60 minutes per day on surveys, you could probably make between $500 to $1,000 per month.

If that does not sound like enough money for your time, you should know that these surveys can actually be fun. You are often exposed to products that are not yet released to the general public. You can get an exclusive look at tomorrow’s hottest products, often even before the product is designed fully. Your opinion truly does make a difference. If you say that you don’t like a specific product, and enough other people agree with you, the product may never be released into the public market.

Most surveys are pretty generic, with a similar design and questions. However, occasionally there will be a survey that is completely different. For instance, I once took a survey that paid me $7.50 to watch a 30 minute clip of the movie “Old School”, which I must add, is quite hilarious. Then there was a short list of questions to answer. The purpose of that specific survey was to see which parts of the movie, as well as which commercials, that you remembered after watching it.

Visit for the best Paid Survey companies to work for. All of them are completely free to join, legitimate and honest companies. Remember, genuine paid survey sites pay you! You never pay them. If a Paid Survey site asks you to pay a fee of any kind to join I can assure you that they are not legitimate.

Written by A Meadows and D Slone, Copyright 2009 all rights reserved and may not be republished in any form.

5 replies on “Honest Information About Paid Surveys”

I have been making extra money on the side doing paid surveys for several years. It can actually be fun a lot of the time but its always easy.

I found a few more survey sites to join thanks for this great info!

Hi, There are many online money making opportunities but paid surveys are best of all these because of their simplicity, ease of work and decent payouts.

I think it is a great thing that people can just start making extra money at home so quickly and easily. AND it is true! A person can make money by doing these things.

As the same time I think it is very sad that there are so many gimmicks, scams and outright lies on the Internet about paid surveys!

My own guess would be that there are probably less than a dozen really good reputable survey sites that are worthwhile BUT there are thousands all over the Internet that are just junk at the best.

When folks try to search for some really honest and legitimate survey companies they are inundated with all the junk in the search results. Many times they never find the real opportunities and end up covered up with spam.

Check out the real paid survey sites and companies and also read and research to learn how to tell the difference between a scam and a viable opportunity to make money. I can assure you that the latter does exist. I have been participating in paid surveys for tears now so I know they are real.

Paid Surveys are meant to help you earn extra income and does not suggest you depend solely on it for your monthly dues. It does provides a lot of other opportunities as mentioned on the article, just keep your mind open.