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Avoiding Internet Scams

I want to be rich. Don’t you? Of course you do! For all of us chasing that big money sign in the sky (yes, all of us online marketers / webmasters), we are so desperate to strike the big time that we can so easily become suckers. It’s just so easy for us to be fooled with internet scams that target us that thousands of scammers from around the world (especially developing nations) are literally becoming wealthy off of us.

Here is how the typical internet scam goes that targets us, or at least a common blueprint for it that you can find on any webmaster forum out there:

Make $250 A Day With My Blackhat Secrets!

That’s right friends. I have been making over $250 every day for 2 years now with my blackhat methods. I spend an hour a day, every day, and the money just pours in! Now for the good news- I am going to sell all of my money making secrets to you, right now, for just $5! Only the first 20 buyers of my e-book will get this system, and all of its secrets, for $5. After that the price is $10. Act now before the price doubles!

Did you notice a few things here? let’s break down some problems:

1: If he is making at least $250 with these tricks, why is he selling it to you for just $5?

2: If he is working only 1 hour a day, and he’s making this much, why isn’t he working 10 hours a day and banking $2,500 a day?

3: Why does he want me to hurry? Why is he telling me to buy now before the price doubles?

4: If he is making $4+ per minute with his secret, why the hell is he spending hours on a forum trying to sell it for pennies per minute?

We could go on forever, but you get the point. This is such a common internet scam, and you can see it dozens of times per day on any webmaster forum, that we really need to start spreading the word. If people would just start posting any of these questions on these scam sales threads, maybe these punks would shut it down due to no sales.

These scams come in all shapes and sizes, from $5 e-books to $500 ones. They come in all flavors, from copied “unique” content sales to fake pagerank domains.

There are so many scammers filling up the online world right now that are solely targeting online marketers. It’s a minefield on the net, and only those that really think about it before shelling out their hard earned money will not get cheated in the process.

What is my advice? Be very careful on the internet! Just because you make a living online, or at least a partial living, that doesn’t mean that you are too smart to be duped. It happens to almost everyone eventually. At least to everyone that is chasing an online dream.

D. Slone, Copyright 2008